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I am Felice Oendiana, an Indonesian. I am Chinese but lots of people consider me as a Javanese. Well, let my skin-coloured reveals. I always own the tanned skin since i was kid and it doesn’t change now. I might felt offended as people always consider me as an Indonesian rather than Chinese. But now I don’t think in that way anymore as I grown up and think wiser. Instead of feel in that way, i learn to be always grateful that i am surrounded by people who always love me the way i am.

Become a full-time student in a university give me a limitation in writing a post. But whenever leisure is on hand, i will start to cook and post it here OR any other cute things, at least to me. My personal daily life, travel journal and my cooking-passion outpouring will be found and diffused through this blog.

I have been start to love every single culinary stuffs since i was in Senior high school (actually it begins when I’m in Junior high school, but i was too young to express). Practically, i entered the kitchen field as my university’s life began. My favorite is serving meals since then. Well, I learned to cook start from the easiest one to harder and harder. But secretly and to be honest, I prefer to learn the hardest one, i don’t know why, but it just looks more interesting and challenging for me. Even so, i am an optimist to learn every single stuffs about cook and kitchen. To fulfill my satisfaction, I cooked myself or with my best friend occasionally. By any chance, we have a lot in common, cooking and baking as though.

I’m a newbie here, so if there are a lot of mistakes i had done in my writing, please be understood and you may give a comment for a better improve. Hope you enjoy with all the contents.

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