19 B

19th Birthday


In this post, I am going to share my 19th birthday moments. So, keep your eyes open! I know some of them are sounds weird, but just let it be.

A night before my birthday, i was asking my sister to get me a cup of coffee. I said to her that she must be the first person who said happy birthday to me, so i have to drink coffee to stay awake, only to listen birhday words from her, bcs i love her (so i need her to say that to me). But I can’t control it anyway, even when i tried hard to keep my eyes open. 10.30 p.m, i was slept. I was thinking that i didn’t have a chance for that. Until 12.01 a.m (12 February), my sister woke me up! Don’t blame me, i was half awake, so i can’t be too surprise, but trust me, i was extremely happy to know that she still wake me up in the first minute on that day even i had break my promise. What is more, she gave me a gift, a bamboo cutting board (something i really want these days), but it seems better if i full awake! I won’t be late to kiss and hug her and take a picture with her. But once she wake up in the morning at 7 a.m, maybe, i directly did it!

Actually, i’m the one who took picture.

Anyway, not only bamboo cutting board, i got one more from my sister. A treatment product which she think i need the most. From COSRX, Blackhead Power Liquid.

In the morning, i woke up and my mom and dad sent me a line messages for birthday wishes and sweet stickers, wow, they seems cool. Then they said birthday greetings to me in persona. About 7.30 a.m, I was going to have my birthday breakfast with my family, actually. But somehow, when i was using my brow pencil to get ready, suddenly, a shocking lightning just like duarr. I¬†was like “why of all Sundays, this Sunday is going to rain?”. In 2 minutes, the sky is dark (seriously) and, you know what might happening that time. Just raining heavily. I was sad, to be honest.

In turn, my mom bought our breakfast near my house. My mom bought me fried noodle, as Chinese belief that said noodle is a symbol of long life. In fact, i want to cook, to use my new cutting board, but i weren’t since my mom said it was my birthday.

At about 11 a.m, I was going to buy my lunch and my family of course, but on the seconds i arrive that place, my phone rang that my sister called me. She said that we will going out to eat with my cousin so i need to cancel to buy our lunch. Then i went home and my sister said we will go to Uncle K not that early. So we were waiting and i was curious about why we should go there a bit late. Then at about 2 p.m, we went there and have a seat. The time when i looked for menu, suddenly, Suryani came! WHAT! She even told me sorry that she couldn’t come to my house in Sunday. A surprise just happened. I didn’t know at all that she lied to me, and with the help of my sister.

First thing in mind, by any chance, she will get a lunch at the same place i visited, or second thing is, she is giving me a surprise. And the second is the answer! Maybe she was in a hurry, therefore she directly gave me a plastic full of doughnuts and gifts, then we took pictures, then she went home. Unfortunately. Then she sent me a message, told me to make a video, by attach the candles above those doughnuts, light them, sing a birthday song and blow those candles. Then, i made it. Not stop there, i open the gifts directly.

At 4 p.m, i went home and im going to take a bath bcs i will have my dinner soon. At about 4.30 or more, Lisa, asked me whether i’m home or not. Then i say yes but i will go out at about 5 p.m, so i quickly took a bath and prepare. I thought that she will come, but actually no. To be honest, i was dissapointed. I wish she came. She said sorry that she can’t come to my house, therefore she sent me a box of gift by gojek. But i was in hurry to have a dinner, so i have no time to open it. But once i was home, i open it directly.

So, it’s end of my story. Bye.

See ya on the next one!


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