New Year 2017


Happy New Year guys!

A new page in 2017.

A new year, a new start, new hope, new life for whole people in the world.

Every new things, we wish it all become greater than 2016.

I celebrate (not really – as i always have family dinner on Saturday) my new year eve by family dinner. So, my dinner be like the pics below. I didn’t took a lot of pics tho.

I admit some of the pics are really bad, since my low quality phone camera that i snap hours ago. Sorry and please be understand.

My family picture. Well, it doesn’t show the complete member, since we can’t sit in a line together, so let’s see the next one.

But the matter is, we need one more person to gather to be perfect. In fact, any other things doesn’t matter, as family or people around are the matter.
“It’s all about who you eat with”

And, my night movie, actually i am and always sleep faster than anyone who is in the same age as me (18 – since teens are likely to sleep at the least 11 p.m), but i forced myself to watch movie with my sister, and it started at 10.30 p.m. We watched WORLD WAR Z, our favorite movie as well. Imagine, how hard to my eyes. Eyes wide open. It ended at 1 a.m but i slept at 2 a.m.

Well, at 00.00 a lot of fireworks around my house, i couldn’t see them clearly tho.



IT’S 2017!


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