POF goes to PENANG

An unexpected holiday just passed couple days ago. Things happened all of sudden since the flight ticket was bought 2 days in advance of the Day. Suprised? I did!

Well, the trip was super short with merely 3 days 2 nights. Hence, everything, i mean the environment, the places, particularly the foods, were perfect for me as i’ve been confront lot of things in last two months. Those were a trip which considered freshen up my upcoming days and besides, i was in holiday.

I stayed at Georgetown City Hotel, as usual. I thought that i always stay at the same hotel over time i visited Penang. But i can’t help that i’ve been get used to it and i love this city. Penang is my favorite city, it might because it is a place where I will always stop when I go abroad. No other places. So, not a surprising thing that i love this city.

This was the first time I went abroad without my parents, just seems weird and i missed home. Whatsoever, it ended up fast and i’m home.

So, i’ll tell you what happen in my three days trip.

First day.

The plane was actually depart at 9 a.m, but it was delayed for an hour, so we departed at 10 a.m, which was a waste. Almost 2 hours, as time is precious, mainly if you’re on a trip. Therefore, i went directly to have a lunch at Sin Nam Huat Roasted Chicken & Duck Rice 新南發燒臘雞鴨飯. Located at Wayton Court (Burmah Road), Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. This shop is particular in roasted chicken and duck rice. Here is also available another dishes such as roasted pork (siew bak), barbecued pork (char siew) and vegetable odds-and-ends (chye boey), and the marinated eggs.

After finished the lunch, i went to hotel for check-in and went to Gleneagles Hospital. After that, I went to Gurney Plaza for shopping clothes and my main purpose is Daiso, where i can buy beautiful kitchen equipment. Shopping time seems never enough, we shop for several hours since there were lot of sale during Christmas and New Year period.

At about 7 p.m, i looked for dinner at Chicken Claypot House 鸡煲之家. Located at Macalister Road, George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. I never been try this tasty dish before, so i can conclude that this chicken claypot must try for tourists.

In spite of full stomach, again, i went to Good All Cafe near the hotel i stay, to get some foods for second dinner. I think my stomach must be scream inside to stop me eating more.

Second day.

In the morning, Pulau Tikus market is my first destination. I truly craving for Wan Tan Mee. So that i went to market and finally found it.

I actually want to buy some cooking ingredients at Bandar Baru which is next to the market, but it was not open yet. So, i directly went back to hotel. The next stop is Gurney Plaza, but this time, i only stop for a brunch maybe? The distance is only few hours with my breakfast, but i will have my second meal at about 11 a.m, my stomach looks horrible. Agree? Yas. I had my brunch at Nando’s with the Grilled Chicken and Peri Chips.

Go down to the ground floor and bought llaollao Yogurt and Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart to eat, again.

Then, i have a 100m walks to the next Paragon Plaza through g Hotel.

Shopping there. At 4 p.m, i went to Lorong Selamat to get a plate of famous Char Koay Teow in city. The waiting for 30mins (less or more) finally paid off. The expected savory taste is in mouth. Perfecto!

Next one, Queensbay Mall. I went there, again, for shopping and for foods. There is a stall at Queens Hall (kind of foodcourt), Pan Mee stall. I thought that the dish is famous as a long queue is waiting to get a bowl of pan mee. The falvour of the noodle, beef black sauce, egg, fishballs and the dry chili is all great!

I also got Teochew Chendul for my companion.

For dessert, i choose llaollao again with the same topping. Guys, my food wasn’t stop there. I went to Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar to try the tallest Roti Tissue, a thumbs up of Nasi Kandar, Tandoori Chicken and Roti Pisang.

But since my stomach is at its limit, my passion to eat had become less that time.

Third Day.

Time to go home. Bye Penang!

Overall, i had a great holiday even the short one.


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