silver and gold

SILVER and GOLD Wedding Anniversary !

A super late post though! Still, let me finish this story. It’s a story about my parents’ and grandparents’ wedding anniversary.

By any chance, they had the same marriage day in Chinese Calender calculations. Even so, their marriage day in Indonesia Calender were only within few days. Irony of fate, my parents’ twenty-fifth wedding anniversary fell on Sunday! A month before the D-Day, i were asking my mom if she still remember her marriage date, so dissapointing that she didn’t really keep those things in mind. Then i remind her that how she could oblivious her most eventful day, then she was like startled and realize what was i say.


it was 2014. 2 years more to Silver Anniversary. there were only four of us (dad, mom, sister and me), we always had a long conversations in our car, we talked anything, funny and sometimes miserable one, past and future. in several times, we talked about our parents marriage date. i told them that my sister and i will go for a job, get salaries, and we’ll buy them a couple of watches. my mom said that it was unnecessary, become good daughters is more than enough to her. On another day, we also kept saying we’ll bought them couple stuff.

January 2016   One month to go, merely!

Plan A. We (my sis and i) were planning to buy them a couple of watches and a cake (since my house on Sundays, that full of my dad’s siblings and their family) so we’re going to celebrate it.

Plan B. We were planning a celebration for them which is a family (with all of dad’s siblings and family) dinner. Some of reason we doubt about our plan B is, my grandpa’s health wasn’t really stable that time.

A week before D-Day, my mom asked my grandpa whether he could go for the dinner. It’s glad to hear that he said ‘no problem’. Then, my dad called for a reservation in a Chinese restaurant that we’ve went before. This restaurant pretty good in serves foods. After the reservation, then my dad called all his siblings to attend the family dinner.

Two days before the D-Day, Friday as exact, there were commotion that caused by two parties. Kind of the town thug. So, people were advised to be careful when go out and even not to leave the house if there were no significant things to do. Oh God why so coincidence. Our plan A broke into pieces. Of course my parents won’t allow us to go to mall.

A day before D-Day, good news came to our ears, the news that commotion had subsided, so we were gonna get our permission to go to mall (bcs that’s the only way to buy them watches). Deal. Then, my aunt sent me a message and offered us to buy the cake as a surprise, bcs if we buy and bring it home, then it’s not a surprise as well. so, we were agreed to bring it to the restaurant.

D-Day. It’s here! in the early morning, we sent them a greetings and wishes, and seems they were glad of it. As usual Sundays, we went for family breakfast and my dad dropped us(my sis and i) off to the mall. We started looking for the suit watches for them and we finally did and paid for that. wow. We were surrounded by happiness, since we bought it by ourselves with own money (i’m sorry dad mom, well i didn’t go for a job yet, as i’m a full time student). But so, hope them like it! We went home, wrote a tiny message to them and give watches to them! The ‘unbelievable’ reactions were the first things they showed, feel blessed afterwards.

keep an eye below!

this is my family!


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