Banana Sticky Rice

Thai’s food served!

The mixed taste, between the semi-sweet and salty. The fluffy and moist sticky rice, salty coconut flesh, crunchiness of fried banana, fairly nice. I didn’t buy it, well my mom made it by herself, unless the fried banana. We bought it in middling-fried condition, we only need to fry it once more therefore. In Thai, the sticky rice might be paired with several ways. Mangoes, coconut milk, durian, palm sugar or substitute caramelized brown sugar, any floss or jam. I looked for any magoes to pair with, but unfortunately the mangoes my family planted were all eaten. Lol. So, my mom fried some banana and put coconut flesh as the complement. In Thailand, it is eaten with hands by making a little ball and dipping it into other dishes. Seems intersting , isnt it ?

2016-06-03 01.34.54 1.jpg


That’s all from this post, see you at another one!


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