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I went to Singkil, Aceh in last December of 2015. Kind of Christmas holiday, but without  parents. As I never go travelling without them. We went to ‘Pulau Banyak’, but so, it doesnt mean ‘many islands’ if you translate it in English. It just simply in name. We did a low-budget travel which non requires a high-cost one. Therefore, the lodging and transportation should not be the one i thought. wreck the fancy, out-and-out! Since Singkil is still not a popular islands to go, that’s why tourists are only a few and government do not give big attention to it.

The 4 days 2 nights were truly exhausting (you’ll find out yourself sleep for half days once you get your bed at home) and no-more-second trip for sure, yet ended up with the good and adorable views. What a relief! I just realized that my country has a lot of incredible islands than i thought. The natural beauty is pretty close to the beauty of famous islands in another country. But the ambience wasn’t that great since my parents didn’t join this trip. As this is the first time for my sister and i travelled without our parents. But, fairly good to keep these experience.


I will post my Phuket travel journal soon, see ya.



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