Chicken Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry

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Don’t ask for the taste, it is my very first time. Ashame, for only seeing the picture. On my free-lecturer saturday, i made a plate of Chicken Katsu Curry that i’ve been planned a while ago. I was actually learning to make Green Curry instead of what i’d done, but i don’t have idea of the changing colour. Green to Brown. Moreover, i did a big mistake! Curry isn’t dominant, as the other new taste reborned. Out-of-the-way. Some of my volunteer-eater told me that the taste was tolerable and slightly tasteful, but it was totally disparate as the original one. But so, I cant even give up on cooking, will improve for a better one instead. A pity, not even one university in my town has a Culinary major. I learn in varies of books and online by then. Anyway, i cooked this accompanied with my neighbor, who live by my next house.

Anyway, i didnt follow every steps in the book, just the ingredients of the curry. Bcs here, i fried my chicken is distinct from the recipe, which the fish is cooked along with the curry.

To fry the chicken, i used : All-purpose flour, Egg and Breadcrumbs.

Have a good reading guys!


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